Hybrid Chestnut Seedlings

Kentucky Hybrid Chestnut are Hybrid Chestnut Seedlings; American / Chinese which are very similar to Dunstan Chestnut Seedlings, Grow Very Fast & Are Perfect wildlife FoodPlot trees and are Blight resistant. We grow in our 50mm Jiffy Plug as well as the 1 Qt plantable container. These Products can both be planted directly which greatly reduces any Transplant shock.

If you would like to preorder our Kentucky Hybrid Chestnut Seedlings for the Spring 2023 planting season please contact us directly. Otherwise we will offer a Store next fall for our inventory. Shipping is always 25% of order Total unless you are picking up.

Kentucky Hybrid Chestnut seedling Pricing

50mm Jiffy Jumbo Plug will be $9.95- 1YR Old

1Qt Plantable —$15.95 – 1.5yr Old

Hybrid Chestnut Seedlings

We have hybrid chestnut trees that genetically drop every month from August to November. These trees were developed by crossing American with Chinese, similar to the way Dunstan Chestnut trees were developed. The chestnuts are a sweet bite size nut the deer can’t resist. They should start producing nuts in 3-5 years.