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Live Christmas Trees

Our farm is located in Springfield, Kentucky. Our first Live Christmas trees were planted in the Fall of 2020 and will be ready for harvest in about 5-7 years. We are planting about 1000 trees every year. In 2027 we will have over 15000 trees in the ground with 500-700 available to Choose and Cut each Year, for many years to come. Real Christmas Trees take 5-7 years to grow once planted as a seedling.

Live Christmas Trees - Canaan Fir - Kentucky

Until our Live Christmas Trees are available to Choose & Cut, We will offer Pre Cut Trees each Holiday season starting Saturday Following Thanksgiving 10am till 5pm. and The following 2 Weeks 10am till 5pm (While Supplies Last). We have a Guide to help you Pick your Christmas Tree.

If you would like to Order your Tree in Advance please let us know. We will have preorder Pickup on a Separate day, and this allows us to guage the quantity we need to order. $40 is due upfront, but you do get to come in and choose your tree before we open to the public.

On our Farm we will have PRE-CUT only for the next 5 years. We have a tree lot on our farm set up with a selection of fresh, pre-cut, fir and spruce trees for sale along with, wreaths,

Note: we’re just in our 1st year of operation, and our trees are not big enough to cut yet, so we do NOT  have any cut-your-own trees available.

– Choose and Cut Trees

Beginning in 2026, Our Fresh Real Christmas Tree Varieties:

Canaan Fir – Canaan fir does combine many of the characteristics of balsam fir with better needle retention of Fraser fir. It is sometimes described as a hybrid between balsam fir and Fraser fir, but is actually a specific seed source from balsam fir from the Canaan Valley of West Virginia. 

Black hills spruce –  have needles that are shorter and softer than Colorado blue spruceBlack hills spruce have excellent color and have a very traditional Christmas tree appearance. Branches are stiff and hold up well to ornaments

Virginia Pine – dark green needles are 1 and 1/2″ – 3″ long in twisted pairs; strong branches enabling it to hold heavy ornaments; strong aromatic pine scent; a popular southern Christmas tree. The branches are stout and woody and respond very well to trimming.

Nordmann Fir – is the Christmas tree of choice because of its deep rich color, dense foliage, rounded needles, and light fragrance. Recently introduced to the U.S. market, it has grown steadily in popularity. Nordman fir is a very full tree in terms of both branches and foliage

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Live Christmas Tree Kentucky Virginia Pine
Virginia Pine
Canaan Fir - Live Christmas Tree Springfield Kentucky
Canaan Fir
Meyer Spruce - Authentic Christmas Tree Near Me - Kentucky
Meyer Spruce
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