Reasons to Buy a Real Christmas Tree in Kentucky

All the Reasons You need!

Buy Local

Buying from Kentucky Christmas Tree Farms Supports your Local Community and American Businesses, Most artificial trees in the US (about 85% of them) come from China. On the other hand, buying a real Christmas tree supporters American tree farms and as a result American families. Please Buy a Real Christmas Tree

New Family Tradition

Every year right after Thanksgiving, my family and I head out to pick the “Perfect Tree”.  That is definitely one of our main traditions.  Our needs have changed over the years.  We used to need a 6 Ft, then it was a 7ft,  Now we are looking for 9Ft tree’s.   The kids have the responsibility of finding it, and We cut it down Together.   We get it home and We spend the whole afternoon Decorating it.

They Smell Good

There is no replacement for the smell of a fresh Cut tree.  If you have ever cut your our Christmas tree then you know what I’m saying. The scent of the perfect tree just fills your home and is the prefect signal for all that the Christmas season has begun.  You definitely cant get that in aisle 12 of you local big box.


After being discarded, fake Christmas trees can stay in the landfill indefinitely. Living trees on the latter, can be recycled back just like crops can. Now that’s something to think about.

Teaches Kids

A lot of Children have never visited a farm or know how trees are grown or harvested.  then they won’t know where  It is the Same as eating Farm Fresh Vegetables and Fruits. How is a Child suppose to know the difference if they have never seen the real thing.  Buy a real; fresh Christmas tree one time and it’s something that your entire family will want to do year after year!

Longer Lasting

Farm Fresh Christmas trees last way longer than there Big Box store cousins.  A real Tree you might buy at parking lot of a Store was cut weeks ahead of time.   Only a Tree Farm has the Fresh Trees.

Family Choose real Christmas tree Kentucky
Family Picking real Christmas tree in Spring Field Kentucky