Seedlings & Transplants – Plugs

We Grow Canaan Fir & Turkish Fir

Cissell Family Nursery Will Begin to Provide The Below Products Beginning Fall 2022 / Spring 2023. For those interested in Superior Seed Source Planting Stock ( Rockis & OGO) that has been Grown Sucessfuly in Central Kentucky.

All Planting Stock is Container Grown to imporve your Transplant Surviveability. Primarily Grown using Jiffy Plugs of 50MM Diameter and 100M Depth. Jiffy Jumbo Plugs are Much Larger than average greenhose plugs. Aprox 2 x 4 inches 50mm x 100mm. Our Jiffy Plugs have an Increased Suvivability, With almost NO Transplant Shock.

Jumbo Jiffy Plugs (JJP) will be available for Spring 2023. For Spring 2023 We will have our 1 Quart Size also Available. The 1 Quart is also a Jiffy Plantable Product. We Trasplant our Jumbo Jiffy PLugs into these 1 Quart Plantable Containers.

As we will be a Small Operation ( Less than 100,000 ) , and Very Selective on what we offer, WE ask Anyone interested to Join our Mailing List. and To Let us know your Needs 1 year in Advance. Thank you!


Jumbo Jiffy Plugs – $2.25 Each

Jiffy Quart – TBD

Species Available

Canaan Fir – Rockis Seed —-10,000 Jiffy Jumbo Plugs – 2 Year –

Canaan Fir – WV Seed – Sheffields – 5,000 JJP – 2 Year –

Turkish Fir – Rockis Seed – 2500 – JJP- 2 Year

Quart — Fall 2023

Canaan Fir – Rockis

Turkish Fir – Rockis

Contact Jeremy for Information [email protected] (859) 217-5500

Jiffy Canaan Fir Plug